Reasons Why You’ll *Love* Annie’s Bookmarks – Shop Feature

Do you love hand drawn bookmarks and stickers from underrepresented fandoms that could help someone in need?


I’m actually very particular about my bookmarks. When it comes to bookish merch, if I don’t love it, I don’t buy it. I’m much more of a minimalist, and I don’t need things I don’t love and won’t use.

This is just to preface the fact that I genuinely love this company ๐Ÿ˜‚ so you should too

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Avatar: the Last Airbender Book Tag \\ my childhood in a book tag

There are a lot of good TV shows.

But there’s very few great shows, and even less flawless shows. Guess which category ATLA falls into.

(hint: the last one)

For those who don’t know, I love the The Last Airbender, and I’ve been wanting to do this tag for a long time but I’m a procrastinator and now I am! Also, like, feel free to answer the questions along with me and comment them below!

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What Happens When You Loose Interest in Everything

Hey Guys.

So I’ve been gone for a while. Even my Instagram has been pretty inactive (relatively speaking). And I’ve been thinking about why, and what I should say to you all.

Chances are, not many people will read this, (that’s what happens when you disappear for a month apparently), which is fine. But for those who care, or who are going through something similar, here’s what’s going on.

I’m no longer interested in anything. I don’t know why. At first I thought it was because I finally started at my full-time job. I love my work, but it’s tiring. But now I’m used to it and I don’t know why I just don’t care about anything.

The only thing I can think of is that I’m not writing like I should. This happened to me a few years ago, in 2017, when I didn’t write for a year. I couldn’t enjoy any book, didn’t do photography, and generally didn’t do anything. When I’m creatively blocked, it’s hard for me to do anything.

And it especially sucks because it’s very hard for me to find motivation to write. I have good ideas, and plans, but no motivation.


The good part is that I was lucky enough, thanks to my job, to be able to afford a new computer of my own. This might seem irrelevant, but now I have a new energy to write posts like this, and to write without lagging on a desktop. I’m so, so excited to use this thing.

Is my theory about writing right? IDK. But now I have the motivation to find out, and I intend to talk about books and interact with you all like I love to do.

How have you all been? Anything exciting happened to you recently?


LGBTQ+ Books to Read for Pride Month | pt. 2

I recently wrote a post with LGBTQ recs, but I intentionally didn’t include some favorite books, just so the post wouldn’t be too long.

Disclaimer: All of these books have LGBTQ+ main characters. It’s always nice when a side character, or a character who doesn’t get a POV chapter, is apart of the community, but it means so much more when the main characters are the ones who make you feel represented.

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LGBTQ+ Books to Read for Pride Month | pt. 1

So I meant to have more Pride Month posts up by now, then I took an unintentional hiatus.

But! I have been reading a lot of LGBTQ books. And I have even more to recommend. I google a lot of posts like this one in June, to add to my tbr like that’s really needed, so I wanted to write my own.

And it’s specifically fantasy, because that’s really all I read.

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For Darkness Shows the Stars \\ spoiler-free book review

For Darkness Shows the Stars (For Darkness Shows the Stars, #1)

Title: For Darkness Shows the Stars

Author: Diana Peterfreund

Genre: Dystopian

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Format: Hardcover


It’s been several generations since a genetic experiment gone wrong caused the Reduction, decimating humanity and giving rise to a Luddite nobility who outlawed most technology.

Elliot North has always known her place in this world. Four years ago Elliot refused to run away with her childhood sweetheart, the servant Kai, choosing duty to her family’s estate over love. Since then the world has changed: a new class of Post-Reductionists is jumpstarting the wheel of progress, and Elliot’s estate is foundering, forcing her to rent land to the mysterious Cloud Fleet, a group of shipbuilders that includes renowned explorer Captain Malakai Wentforth–an almost unrecognizable Kai. And while Elliot wonders if this could be their second chance, Kai seems determined to show Elliot exactly what she gave up when she let him go.

But Elliot soon discovers her old friend carries a secret–one that could change their society . . . or bring it to its knees. And again, she’s faced with a choice: cling to what she’s been raised to believe, or cast her lot with the only boy she’s ever loved, even if she’s lost him forever.

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The Prince and the Dressmaker \\ spoiler-free graphic novel review

The Prince and the Dressmaker

Title: The Prince and the Dressmaker

Author & Artist: Jen Wang

Publisher: First Second

Genre: fantasy

This book was recommended to me by Sam (@somebooksandramblings), I think, and I didn’t really know what to expect.

I didn’t read the synopsis before I started, so I really had no idea what to expect when I opened it.

Turns out, it’s a story with relatable characters that are full of heart, gorgeous dresses, and 100% love is love vibes (my rainbow self is here for it ๐Ÿ˜Š)

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Thief of Cahraman \\ spoiler-free book review

Thief of Cahraman (Fairytales of Folkshore #1)

Title: Thief of Cahraman

Author: Lucy Tempest

Genre & Themes: Fantasy, retelling

Publisher: Indie

Format: Ebook (received via Netgalley. My opinion is still my own)


After years on the run, Adelaide thinks her lonely and dangerous life as a thief is finally over. But her world is upended when a witch steals her away to a faraway kingdom, to perform an impossible heist. If Adelaide fails, her newfound family would be sacrificed to a beast.

To complete her mission, sheโ€™s forced to assume the role of a noblewoman and enter a royal competition. The prize is the hand of the elusive Crown Prince. Elimination means certain death. 

As the witchโ€™s literal deadline approaches, Adelaide has one last gamble to save the day, and to escape to a new life with Cyrus, the handsome and mysterious fellow thief who stole her heart. 

But everything falls apart when the prince finally reveals himselfโ€ฆ 

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