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Anne with an “E” is a Netflix adaption of the classic, Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery.

I loved this book when I was younger – the best parts about it were Anne (who is so wonderfully creative and fanciful), her friendship with Diana, and the lightheartedness of the story, even though it had a darker background.


Since I love this series so much, I decided to watch this show…I will tell you up front, while I liked it (for the most part) it’s definitely a hit-or-miss adaption.

So if you’re up for hearing my thoughts on it, read on.

Cast: Amybeth McNulty,  Geraldine JamesR. H. ThomsonDalila Bela, Lucas Jade Zumann, Corrine Koslo + more.

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This show was wonderfully casted. There were some characters who looked exactly like I pictured them, and some who didn’t quite fit what was in my mind, but acted exactly like the character would. (Which, TBH, is the important part)


Diana, Rachel, Marilla – all of these characters were spot-on!

I liked Anne’s personality, because it reminded me a lot of the book, but she didn’t look quite like I pictured her. I found that it didn’t really bother me much after the first episode, though.


I liked the addition of more of the side characters, not just Josie Pye, but Ruby Gillis, Tillie and more. We even had some characters that we’ve never seen before, who I actually enjoyed.

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Ruby Gillis


I loved that they stuck to the Canadian roots of the story. All of the actors are Canadian, and that’s also where it’s filmed. There was much more of that in the show than in the book, I think.

That, or I was just too young to notice it when I read it.

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As for the ‘classic‘ scenes of the book – Anne getting Diana drunk, Anne almost getting sent away, Anne going to school, etc. – all of those were there. Sometimes placed in a different order than when they happened in the book, or done slightly different, but still there.

(Although, there wasn’t a part where she dyed her hair black. I hope that’s included in the next season; it’s one of my favorite scenes!)

There’s also some new moments that felt like they belonged in the original story, but fit with the new character arc. I appreciated how seamlessly they fit those in, though I know quite a few people didn’t like that.

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Anne and Diana

This is definitely a darker version of Anne of Green Gables. Made for an older audience, and more focused on the dark side of Anne’s backstory.

You notice more contempt from the people in Anne’s school, and the town. And it’s made very clear that she is an outsider. So that helped with the darker theme of the show.


There are some happy moments and scenes too – most of which sprung straight out of the book.

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Diana and Anne


All-in-all, I really liked this adaption. Not entirely like the original, but still including some of my favorite parts. In all honesty, I’m looking forward to a season two!

★ ★ ★ ★ \ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

This is a show I want to talk about! So if you’ve seen it, let’s have a discussion! Did you like it?

14 thoughts on “Anne with an “E” | Show Review

  1. I did the show favourite characters have to be gilbert he was exactly how I imagined him to be and Matthew favourite scene has to be when Matthew tries to buy Anne puff sleeves I didn’t like how they put a dark side to it that wasn’t in the book but I suppose she would have I kind of want season two already but I’d hate to see Matthew die.:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Gilbert and Matthew are the best!

      The dark side of it was surprising, but I guess they were trying to make the show different than the original Anne of Green Gables show, which came out years ago.

      I was a season two also! It’s supposed to come out next year: I’m so excited! I was surprised that Matthew didn’t die in this season, and that kind of makes me wonder if he will at all? Especially since they added in an older brother for him and Marilla, it doesn’t seem like that’s the direction it’s going.


      1. Yh I have watched the originals also they were great aswell.

        Yh I hope they don’t kill him of but they might surprise you I do like the show but I hope they don’t throw the book ideas away there are some scenes I’d love to see but I am curious to see if Gilbert and Anne get together.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes! I know what you mean!

          I bet that they are going to take some scenes from the rest of the books too, but I hope they keep the scene where she dyes her hair black – it’s my favorite! I was so disappointed when it didn’t come up in the first season!

          I think they will – they do in the books, and it seems like they might…


            1. That’s true! Though that’s probably because the book is mostly told in Anne’s point of view, and you can’t hear thoughts in a TV show. I kind of like more dialogue though – and it means we get to hear from the side characters! Like the girls in the school!


        2. Of course Anne and Glibert get together Lola you read the books with me they won’t change the book that far because otherwise people will complain about it but I hope they do stick with some scene’s I would love to see Glibert save Anne in the lake and when he tries to win Anne over.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I know I did Jen but sometimes they chance things like shadowhunters for example completely changed the film like they throw the books out the window and thought let’s get for example yin fin that kills people and turn it to something that heals you yh of course they will complain it’s something I would do to same he is one of my favourite characters but I have to admit I do like some of the changes like I said to marrill there are some changes I dislike liked like the dark scene’s

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