Types of Beta Readers

Hello writers!


So Beta Readers. You probably know what they are. When you finish writing a book, or even a few chapters and you need someone else to read it, you find a Beta Reader.

I’ve been writing for a while, and I’ve found out that there’s different types of Beta Readers for different situations and people.


So today I’m going to go over 5 of the most common types of Betas chosen by writers…enjoy!

1. The One-And-Only Beta

Writers choose this type of Beta when they don’t write to get published, or to get recognition, but just for the fun of it.

The One-And-Only is usually a best friend that is the only person this book will ever get shown to. Usually, you get them to read your book before it’s even finished, and they help you along the way.

(Editor’s note: I’ve been this type of Beta, and I really enjoy it! I feel rather special TBH)


2. The Encouragement Beta

This is the person you show your book to when you feel down about your writing.

You know for sure that this person won’t give you any hard suggestions or make you rethink your work. They love it for what it is, and support you while you go through draft after draft after draft. And they read it every time!


3. The Critiquing Beta

The Critiquing Beta is the exact opposite of the Encouragement Beta. You go to them to edit your work and give tips, not just for encouragement.

This can be a friend who’s older than you, or has already written a book. Or it can be a friend who is a book reviewer on YouTube or on a blog. Just someone who you know can give insight to your writing.


4. The Swap Beta

Hey, I’ll read your book if you read mine.

The Swap Beta is usually found in a group of writers. In my experience it’s usually writers of the same age (teens most likely) who want you to read their work…but also really like the idea of your book and want to read yours as well.

So you swap pieces, and encourage and critique each other. Sometimes with multiple people.


5. The Public Beta(s)

95% of the time, this is pertaining to Fan Fiction. And these Betas are exclusively found on sites like QuoteV, WattPad, and FanFiction.net.

You just throw your stories up on these sites to get feedback and hope that people love your idea. The ideas on these sites are mostly unoriginal (like I said, Fan Fiction) and are just to find other people who enjoy the same things as you do.

Which, hey, I’m not shaming anyone because I used to be on some of those sites.


And there you go! 5 of the most common Beta Readers. In all seriousness, not only do I think Betas are important, they’re essential to writing anything.


Did I miss a common type of Beta? Do you relate to any of these? Let me know

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