Everything, Everything | Movie Review


Read the book: Yes\No

Saw in Theater: Yes\No

Book Spoilers Ahead!


I got to see Everything, Everything with my friend Tyr this past weekend, which is good because I was about to steal it from someone

I’ve been looking forward to this movies for a long time, for two reasons:

One: I really enjoyed the book! I liked the characters, and the drawings on the inside, and how most of it took place through texts.

Two: Both Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson will be in upcoming Book-to-Films (more on that later) so I was interested in their acting style.

Let’s talk about the ups and downs of Everything, Everything ↓

Cast: Amandla Stenberg, Nick Robinson, Anika Noni Rose, Ana de la Reguera, Taylor Hickson + More




Before I get into specifics about actors, I want to note a few things.

The whole storyline felt a bit rushed, but thankfully none of the actors broke character. It always sounded totally natural, so that helped to slow the story down a bit. (I consider this the mark of a good actor).

They left out a few key character quirks that would have added depth, but ultimately had nothing to do with the actors and everything (everything) to do with the writers. (For example: Olly’s parkour and Maddy writing her name on the inside of her books).

Those notes aside, let’s get on with the actual actors:

Image result for everything everything movie photosI really enjoyed Maddy! Her personality was just like in the books – they even kept in her blog posts. I loved her so much; I don’t think I’ve ever bonded with a movie character so fast.

Olly was so much fun! (I just wanted him to cut his hair though…) . He is also going to play Simon in Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda next year, and to be honest, I think he’ll do a better Simon than Olly (if that’s even possible)

Image result for everything everything movie photos carla

The romantic plot felt a little insta-lovey, but like I said above, the acting made up for it.

The cast isn’t very big, but both Dr. Whittier and Carla were played well. Carla’s daughter even makes an appearance!


Most of the book is told through texts and emails, and that (mostly) translated well.

I found the captions hard to read sometimes, because they just blended in with the background.

And there’s one part where Olly and Maddy are talking face-to-face, but it’s actual in a fictionilized setting (like one of Maddy’s architecture buildings), but is supposed to represent texting each other…which makes sense to those of us who have read the book, but might be confusing to those who haven’t.


The setting of this movie was perfect! The house was exactly how I imagined it would be! Every little detail was accounted for. Maddy even had a really cool balcony (below) and room.

everything-everything (1)

You can definitely tell the difference between the Whittier house and the rest of the neighborhood.


(Isn’t that so cool?!)


Image result for everything everything movie photos dr whittierMy favorite scene might have been the one where Maddy realized that she wasn’t actually sick.

I felt that everyone involved had a very realistic and convincing performance. It was straight out of the book, and it really made you feel for their situation.


Everything, Everything Overall Rating

As a Book-to-Film, I give it a 93%

Verdict: You’ll enjoy it more as someone who has read the book, but you can still enjoy it if you haven’t (it might be just the slightest bit confusing).


What did you think of Everything, Everything? The book and the movie?

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