Author Interview w/ Atlanta Bushnell + Giveaway

Hello everyone!

I had the honor and pleasure to interview Atlanta Bushnell about her novel, Rise of the Erifs! Part sci-fi, part fantasy, all action. I think it was one of my favorite books last year.


(Pssst. I’ve also added a giveaway because I love the book so much!)


But let’s start with the interview!

About the Author

Atlanta Bushnell lives in a seaside suburb of Melbourne, Australia. She’s currently studying a Bachelor of Education at university to be a primary school teacher, and divides her time between that and writing.

Rise of the Erifs (the first book in the Fire Song Chronicles) is her first novel. She started writing when she was fourteen years old and pretty soon realized this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She especially loves adventure, fantasy and science fiction books.

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Rise of the ErifsQ. To start, could you tell us a little bit about The Fire Song Chronicles?

The Fire Song Chronicles is a Teen/Young Adult fantasy adventure series. It is a mix of everything really; a bit of medieval inspired fantasy, some Sci-Fi and modern elements too. It’s personally the kind of series that I wanted to read as a teenager, mixing together a lot of different genres.

I first began Book 1, Rise of the Erifs, when I was fifteen years old and it went through several rewrites till it was ready for publication. I have planned five novels for the entire series, book 2 Secrets in the Ice is out now, and I’m currently writing the third novel. I haven’t decided on a title just yet but hopefully soon.

Q: Do you listen to music when you write? And if so, what song reminds you of Rise of the Erifs?

 Yes I almost always listen to music when I write. I listened to a variety of songs while writing because I love music. But I mostly listened to Imagine Dragons and Birds of Tokyo during Rise of the Erifs. Although it really depends on the scene that I’m writing.


Q: Is there a reason you decided to be an Indie author (publishing your own novel) instead of going to a publisher?

It is notoriously hard to get published and I really wanted to be an author, it’s been my dream since forever. I really wanted people to read my stories, so I decided to take the leap and self-publish using Amazon’s Kindle and CreateSpace online platforms. I also wanted potential publishers and agents to see that I’m serious about my books and my career as an author


Q: Have you found anything surprising about the book community after becoming an author?

Not so much surprising but exciting. I have absolutely loved the Bookstagram community in particular. Everyone is so nice and supportive of a small author just trying to share her books. It really has been wonderful.


Q: Are any characters\locations in Rise of the Erifs based off of real people\places?

No, not really. The people are completely made up. The forests in the book are inspired by a park near where I live, which is filled with these huge towering pine trees. I used to play there when I was a kid with my friends and we would build cubby-houses out of fallen branches and sticks.


 Q: Who are the best Beta Readers for you: friends, or family?

Definitely family. My dad and sister are my beta readers, they are the first to read anything I write. My sister is great because she gives really insightful feedback. If something isn’t working or doesn’t seem to flow, she tells me and that has really helped me push my books to be the best they can be. She also reads my manuscripts over and over again for grammar errors and typos, so I really couldn’t ask for a better beta reader.


Q: If you had to choose a career besides writing, what would it be?

 I’m actually studying at university to be a primary school teacher, so that’s what I’ll be doing when I’m not writing.


Q: Time for fun questions! I know you love The Hunger Games, so if you were chosen to design an arena, what would it look like?

Yes I do love The Hunger Games! Somewhere warm and tropical. I think I would have a collection of small islands with different things on each island, such as a thick forest on one and tall rock formations on another, and sea water in between. Similar to the arena in Catching Fire but with more Mutts.  A sea monster would be cool too.


Q: If you had to give each of your main characters an animal companion, what would theirs be?

This is a fun question 😊

Torin – a golden lion with a full mane.

Jaydar – a dark coloured falcon.

Kalani – a fluffy snow leopard.

Aurora – a panther with green eyes.

Alex – a small black and white monkey (I can imagine it sitting on his shoulder and passing him the screwdriver)

Daye – a majestic eagle.

Crimson – a komodo dragon. Actually she’d probably have two.


Q: If you could take any Marvel superhero’s place, who would you want to be?

There are so many awesome Marvel superheroes to choose from. I would love to be a part of the Avengers. I think I would want to be Spider-Man (he’s technically an Avenger too now, right?) because having super powers in high school would have been awesome. (Although I would want to be Wonder Woman or Supergirl in DC) 😊


Q: Finally, is there anything special readers can look forward to in your second book, Secrets in the Ice?

That question about the animal companions, well someone might just be getting one in Secrets in the Ice. 😊


(Editor’s note: I am some sort of spoiler psychic! That’s so cool!

P.S. I totally want to see who gets an animal companion)




You need to read this book! To help you along, I’m giving away either an Ebook copy of Rise of the Erifs, or Secrets in the Ice (you choose):

Rise of the Erifs

Rafflecopter Giveaway

What I loved about Rise of the Erifs:

  • Strong female characters
  • Awesome male characters
  • Fun writing style
  • Action at every turn
  • Plot twists that blindsided me (but were realistic)
  • Fire magic. I mean, it’s fire magic.

If that sounds interesting to you (and I don’t see why it wouldn’t), then enter the giveaway link above!

Deadline: September 8th-15th

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  1. You sound like an amazing, passionate, and strong-willed author and I can’t wait to read your books! Keep up the good work because your doing a wonderful job🤗💖


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