Secrets in the Ice || Spoiler-Free Book Review

Title: Secrets in the Ice (The Fire Song Chronicles #2)

Author: Atlanta Bushnell

Publisher: Author\Indie publication

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-Fi (not really, but there’s technology and world-jumping, so that’s the closest category)

Format: Paperback recieved from the author

Author Interview: Atlanta Bushnell


The Shewolf. Half wolf, half human.

All monster.

Prince Torin has traveled to the frozen Kingdom of Klemenite to negotiate an alliance against the Erifs. More importantly, to secure the use of the ice cannons. But the Klemenite King wants a favour in return. The head of the Shewolf. The King wants Torin to kill the ferocious Shewolf, leader of the mysterious Wolf Clan. Legend says they are bloodthirsty killers, beasts of the forest. All who enter their domain are never heard from again. So along with his friends, Torin ventures straight into the heart of the forest, determined to lay this myth to rest one way or another.



✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ 

I was so excited for this book! It was one of my most anticipated books of 2017, and the author was kind enough to send me a copy for review. (Disclaimer: all opinions are mine)


I was a fan of the first book, Rise of the Erifs, but this second book took it up about eight notches. If you were unsure about the first book, you definitely need to try the second book because the characters were better, the storyline was better and the world building was more defined.


Bushnell is excellent at plot twists. I’m just gonna say that now – the first book had an intense plot twist, and this book had more, although not of the same intensity. She’s excellent with surprises and her storyline was ace. It moved along at a good pace and kept me entertained (which is a hard thing to do lately).


The characters were more defined in this book as opposed to Rise of the Erifs, which helped a lot when new characters like Lance or Ella or even some of the evil characters showed up. I’m excited to see where they go in the next few books.


There are different worlds in this series, and I like how we spent all of this book in Klemenite, and all of the first book in Latainia. I’m hoping we go to Timedelle next! I believe there are five different worlds – including ours – and I know that Bushnell has five books planned in the series, so I’m hoping that we are world-jumping throughout the series.

Except I hope we stay in the four other worlds that isn’t ours – simply because I prefer fantasy to realistic fantasy.

(Side note: I love books with different worlds! Especially when they’re really defined)


This series isn’t really confined to a genre, even though I would specifically call it fantasy. As I said, it has different worlds, so it’s kind of fantasy, kind of sci-fi and some of the characters even come from our earth (although we don’t spend a lot of time there). I actually really like this, and I feel like it was done pretty well.


The romance is way more of a subplot, which I like and don’t see in many other YA books, but I loved what we did get! Jaydar and Daye from the first book, and now I have some new OTPs in the works 😍


Overall, I really loved this book, and I’m really interested in where it’s going. I’m super, super excited for the third book cover reveal and title!


What did you think of Secrets in the Ice?

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