Awesome Bookish Cosplayers

Hello Bibliophiles!

I don’t know about you, but one of the main reason I got into the book community was bookish cosplayers. Mainly Percy Jackson\Annabeth ones, but others too – and while I don’t actively search anymore, they often turn up in my instagram feed.

Also, quick side note: The cosplay community is so incredibly positive. They’re always supportive of each other, and shouting each other out…it’s just a great community to be in.

So let’s talk about bookish cosplayers!

*also, these are in no particular order


Chasing Annabeth


I’ve been following Abbey for the longest time – she has some really amazing Annabeth cosplays, and she did some with Reyna that were really awesome!

(Also, do you see that Maximum Ride pic at the bottom?? 😍 And who would ever think of doing a Foxface cosplay?)



Anna is just the coolest! She does cosplays from anime, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Marvel, musicals – she does everything.

I especially like that she does some really random cosplays – like Marlene McKinnon from Harry Potter, who was only mentioned once. You’ll notice those photos are the ones with the old-style filter.

She’s just really creative with her photos, and I always look forward to her posts!



Nicole is the best! She’s a huge Marvel and Star Wars fan, and takes some pretty cool DC photos as well (my favorites are the Jesse Quick photos).

I especially love her Lunar Chronicles cosplays, because I don’t actually see them very often on instagram.

Aletheia Cosplay


Al is so incredible! I found her through her Annabeth cosplays, but honestly, they’re not even some of her best. She does a lot of Harry Potter pictures, including Luna Lovegood and a gender-bent Harry Potter (I love gender-bent cosplays 😍).

She’s also a Marvel fan, clearly, and recently she did some AMAZING Captain America cosplays! She even has the shield and everything – I highly suggest checking out her account for some more awesome photos.


Who are some of your favorite cosplayers?


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