3 New Years Resolutions Every Bookworm Makes

Hello Bibliophiles!

It’s almost 2018! And in the past week I’ve realized that there are a few New Years resolutions that all bookworms have in common.

So let’s see how many of these we share…and also how many are actually achievable.

Spoiler: none of them


Read all the books on your TBR


Let’s be real: this isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Your TBR grows more than it shrinks…but it’s filled with books you’re eventually going to read, right? Wrong.

Image result for book piles
an accurate representation of my TBR pileΒ 


Buy less books

Yeah, this sounds great (and gives you a reason to go to the library for more than school books) but the minute you open Amazon, or read the email that says that Book Outlet is having a sale…you’re doomed.

Sentences that lead to failure:

“Look at those pretty covers!”

“I’ve been meaning to read this book.”

“I know if I buy it I’ll get to it eventually.”

“Oh! I hear [insert favorite book reviewer] talk about this all the time! Maybe I should give it a try.”

It’s a curse, and there’s no magic spell to get rid of this one.


Get more Bookstagram \ Blog \ YouTube followers

Here’s the deal. This one is achievable, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Because it will backfire. Just do your thing, and you’ll be fine.

Also, if you’re a blogger, just know you’ll have to work 3x as hard to gain followers. Why?

Because it’s easy to follow someone on instagram.

It’s easy to watch or listen to a YouTube video while multitasking.

It’s harder to sit and read a blog post, because that takes way more brain power.

It sucks, but that’s what it is. But don’t fear – you’ll get there eventually...probably faster than me


What are some of your goals for 2018?


3 thoughts on “3 New Years Resolutions Every Bookworm Makes

  1. I did the GR challenge and chose to try and read 100 books in 2017. I succeeded only because I read a bunch of Children’s books and Graphic novels haha. This Year I am going to set the goal of 75 books, and that is the only goal I am going to make!


  2. Ahh, I feel these resolutions so much! My TBR is already huge, the year isn’t even over yet and I have just bought 2 books, with 2 preorders for Janaury.. oops! I’m not very good at the whole ‘growing followers’ thing, but maybe I’ll get lucky πŸ˜›

    As for my own resolutions, I’d like to achieve my Goodreads goal in 2018 (I had to reduce the number this year as I didn’t quite get to 60 in time), and maybe increase the variety of my blog posts πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the lovely post, it did make me smile!

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