Favorite and Least Favorite Couples of 2017

Hello Bibliophiles!

So I saw this last year on Thoughts on Tomes, and I’ve been waiting all-year to do it! So I’m going to beranking the couples I read about in 2017.

These are only canon couples, even though there are a lot of characters that I want to be together, but aren’t. yet

*Also, I’m totally not going to be offended if you skim through this list looking for your favorites. That’s what I do too 😂


27  Gemma & Ty {Stolen}

  • Stolen was one of my least favorite books of 2017 –  the writing is average, the characters are bland and make me want to roll my eyes and it feels like an essay instead of a novel. Easily my least favorite “couple”.

26  Anna & whats-his-name {Antisocial}

  • I can’t even with this book. It had so many tropes I hated and the characters do unrealistic things. Plus it’s supposed to be a “relationship” and yet whats-his-name (I can’t even remember his name…that says something) is off doing his own thing, and missing for most of the book, and Anna is just like “whatever”. 🙄

25  Babe & Zat {Dream Me}

  • This book just confused me, and it had bad messages. The romance was weird, really fast and out-of-place. I felt absolutely nothing for these characters or the story. Plus, what’s with the names?

24  Amy & Nox {Dorothy Must Die}

  • Amy came off as completely emotionless in this book and also later in the series, so it didn’t seem like she cared about anyone, let alone Nox. I just found them bland.

23  Rosa & Joe {She, Myself and I}

  • Meh. Forgettable, and they’re kind of bland.

22  Shae & Kae {Descent}

  • Descent wasn’t the best-written book ever – in fact it’s so incredibly basic, it sometimes seems like there was no editing – but the romance was good. Entertaining, but not something I ever think about.

21  Feyre & Tamlin {A Court of Thorns and Roses}

  • Feyre and Tamlin were okay together, and the only reason they are this low on the list is because I appreciate the genius behind this relationship. Meaning, Maas seemed to have made this relationship “problematic” on purpose, just for the sake of showing the difference in Feyre’s character when it comes to relationships in this book and the second. That said, Maas’ intention was to show how unfit they were together…and that came across. So they’re okay.

20 – Ivy & Tristan {Kissed by an Angel}

  • A pretty good couple – I mean, I got attached, even though the synopsis said that one half of the relationship was going to die, so I find that a win on the writer’s part. Cute relationship, but I don’t ever think about it.

19 – Mateo & Summer {Nirvana}

  • We don’t get a lot of the couple in the book, really only in the last five pages or so, but I like the characters separately, and I’m excited for the next book.

18 – Rune & Thorn {Roseblood}

  • I remember this romance being well-written, even if I didn’t like much else from this book. That said, I don’t really remember them.

17 – Bronwyn & Nate {One of Us is Lying}

  • I had a lot of problems with this book, but this couple made it better. There are a few separate couples in this book, but Bronwyn and Nate are definitely my favorite!

16  Alosa & Ryden {Daughter of the Pirate King}

  • I liked how their romance went with the storyline, and I’m looking forward to the next book. That said, I wasn’t over obsessed with them or anything.

15  Celaena & Chaol {Throne of Glass}

  • I already knew what was going to happen, because I’m incredibly late to this series, so I wasn’t particularly invested. But I did like the storyline and the characters mostly, which made the romance more interesting.

14  Scarlett & Julian {Caraval}

  • The book was pretty 50/50 when it comes to ratings, and it was mostly because of Scarlett and Julian, but I actually didn’t mind them as much as other people do. I really enjoyed Caraval!

13  Maddy & Olly {Everything, Everything}

  • They were the cutest couple! And the movie definitely helped their case.

12  Elle & Darien {Geekerella}

  • I loved how geeky both of these characters were! The move\book references were really cool, and the fact that they mutually bonded over those references was really adorable! This whole book is just adorable 😍

11  Isobel & Rook {An Enchantment of Ravens

  • I would have liked this couple more if the author had delved more into the world and their characters. It felt a bit shallow, but I still enjoyed what I got from it. Plus I liked how their relationship developed, and most people compare it to insta-love, but I didn’t get that impression. I just saw it as…we all get crushes. And Isobel wasn’t planning on doing anything ridiculous for someone she had barely met, which is where I draw the line as insta-love.

10 Rowan & Citra {Scythe}

  • I loved Scythe! They have really good chemistry, and I’m excited to see where it goes in book two (which is coming out soon…!)

9  Cath & Jest {Heartless}

  • Heartbreaking, and exactly what I expected and hoped wouldn’t happen. I loved this story\relationship!

8  Feyre and Rhys {A Court of Mist and Fury}

  • …I’m surprised that they’re now lower on the list, to be honest 😲 But when I made my list, their lowest rating was eight! I loved their relationship in ACOMAF and ACOWAR, and I just can’t even fully explain to you guys how much I am dedicated to them! I’m sure most of you know, because this book is everywhere, but second ONLY to the world-building, their relationship was my favorite part.

7  Simon & Blue {Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda}

  • So cute! That’s the only way to describe them – they’re just cute. This can be said for most contemporaries, but especially Simon vs.

6  Aurora & Lance {Secrets in the Ice}

  • This rating is less for their relationship in Secrets in the Ice, and more for where they’re going. Plus I love both of their characters, and this series is just the best!

5  Eden & Lonan {The Sandcastle Empire}

  • While I don’t like writing that’s mostly in the character’s head (and doesn’t focus on outside things much) it meant that I really got to know these characters. I love how they work together, and I’m just so excited for book two!

4  Audrey & Linus {Finding Audrey}

  • Like many contemporaries, they were just adorable together. Some people thought that their romance moved kinda fast, but I thought that it fit with the storyline.

3  Emika & Hideo {Warcross}

  • I just want them to be happy! And they’re not at the moment! Marie Lu’s latest novel had me on the edge of my seat, and I’m fearing for both of their lives in book two. Please, OTP gods, let them end up together and happy…

2  Jaydar & Daye {Secrets in the Ice}

  • They’re just so fit for each other. They work as a good team, and are excellent characters on their own. I just love them so much!

1  Lia & Rafe {Beauty of Darkness}

  • After everything we went through throughout the series, both emotionally and mentally, we deserve a happy ending for these two. They just make each other better, and work as an excellent team…they’re just amazing! I love them so much! This series is just one of my absolute favorites!

What was your favorite \ least favorite OTP of 2017?




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