Bi\Pan Representation I Want to See in YA


Hello Book Ravens!

This past week I’ve been thinking a lot about representation, and I realized that I haven’t really read any books that – I feel – properly represent my sexuality.

This has never really bothered me, mainly because I enjoy all types of stories, with all types of characters, and I don’t find sexuality to be a key part of any person or character.

But I would like to see some representation. So I made a bit of a wishlist. I might as well put it out into the universe and see if something comes my way!



I identify as pansexual, but I also refer to myself as bisexual. I’m going to take a quick minute to explain both of these things:

Bisexual, as you probably know, is when you’re attracted to both men and women. I thought I was bi for a while…

…but then I found out that pansexual includes men, woman and people who are trans or non-binary, which I feel is more accurate to me.

That said, I’ll use both labels as they’re both accurate. It’s just a matter of whether or not I want to risk having to explain what pansexual means.



There are a lot of good books with gay or lesbian rep, but I don’t find a lot of bi rep. There are characters who identify as bi, but that doesn’t really connect to me.

Because they’re usually just the love interest, and therefor you only see them with the protagonist…who’s usually gay or lesbian.

But bisexual means you’re playing for both teams! So I would love to see a character who maybe dates both a boy and a girl in the same book (not at the same time, obviously) or who talks about past relationships with both. And views them the same way! Because again -not that you can’t be bi and have a preference – but it means you like both!

See what I’m saying?

A similar thing goes with being pan, but I have literally never read a book with a pansexual character, so I have nothing to compare it to.


Different Genres

LGBTQ+ characters usually appear in contemporary, but since I hardly ever read contemporary and I really hate the tropes in that genre...

I’m just trying to say that I want more fantasy books with LGBTQ characters! 

I love fantasy, but there are hardly ever any LGBTQ characters. And even then, they’re usually side characters. I want a character who is blatantly bi!*

*(see above section for definition of “blatantly”)

divider.jan.2018 Favorite Bi\Pan People in the Media

Halsey – I was kind of wondering why I felt connected to her songIs There Somewhereand sure enough, this was why. It sounds weird – but once you hear the song, you’ll understand what I mean.

Angelina Jolie – She’s just so awesome – even before I found out she was bi she was one of my favorite actresses ever! Her performance in Maleficent was stunning!

Keiynan Lonsdale – He’s playing Blue in Love, Simon this March, who is a bi character, and I can’t wait! I first saw him in The Flash on the CW, and he’s such a good actor! 


What kind of  bi\pan representation do you wand to see in YA? Chat with me! A discussion is only a discussion if there are other people!

Comments are below!

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