R.I.P. It or Ship It \\ YA Fantasy Edition


Hello Book Ravens!

Happy Valentine’s week Biblios!

Instead of doing something typical and listing my favorite OTPs (who, let’s be honest, I talk about all year long) I thought I’d do the R.I.P it or Ship it tag! I assume you guys already know what this tag is, so I won’t waste time explaining.

Also, feel free to add your own weird ships in the comments – I want to see some serious cross-fandom relationships down there 😂

Created by: Emmmabooks


Books I’m using: 



Round one:


Alosa from Daughter of the Pirate King and Julien from Caraval…maybe? It depends.

I’m now realizing I know little-to-nothing of Julien (yup. I’ve got nothing. great post idea, Collins) I think this would work though – Julien would be a help on Alosa’s ship, and she’s not one to pass up free help. 

Verdict: Ship


Round two:


Hmm…I actually see this working! I mean, Chaol is no Kaz, but they’d be a cool team.

If Chaol ever gets over his stupidly loyal dedication to the good side, that is. Ship name ideas? I’m partial to Chej, personally.

Verdict: ship


Round three:


Ehh…no. They don’t seem like each other’s type. They REALLY don’t seem like each other’s type. I’d bet they’d be good friends though.

Verdict: R.I.P.


Round four:


NO. Celeana would not be able to put up with Scarlett’s drama. She’d probably push Scarlett off of a cliff or something.

At first I thought this was Scarlet from The Lunar Chronicles, not Scarlett from Caraval – the former might work, but the latter would be disastrous.

Verdict: Very much R.I.P. 


Round five:


This is an interesting one, as it’s hard to imagine Kaz with anyone except Inej…

I don’t know! I could imagine them working together, but I feel like they’d be better separate. Kor might be a cool ship name though. 

Verdict: R.I.P.


Round six:


Ahh…no. I don’t think so. Much like how Celeana wouldn’t put up with Scarlett, I don’t think Nina would be able to stand Rook.

Verdict: R.I.P


Round seven:


Actually, I’m a bit surprised at this one. I can actually see this! Dorian is a bit like Rook, so there’s that. They’d be pretty cute! A ship name would be…Doribel.

…that’s really lame, I can’t stand by that. I’ll try to come up with something else.

Verdict: ship


I’m surprised there weren’t more LGBTQ ships. I got one, and I was hoping for at least three…this may be an excuse to do a round two!

What did you think of these ships? Yes? No?

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