Quests for Glory \\ Spoiler-Free Review

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Title: Quests for Glory (The School for Good and Evil #4)

Author: Soman Chainani

Publisher: HarperCollins

Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tales

Format: Hardcover

Spoiler Review: GoodReads


Join Sophie, Agatha, Tedros, and the other students as they begin a new era in the Endless Woods—The Camelot Years—where Evers and Nevers alike must move beyond the bounds of school and into the biggest, boldest adventures of their lives.

The students at the School for Good and Evil thought they had found their final Ever After when they vanquished the malevolent School Master. Now, on their required fourth-year quests, the students face obstacles both dangerous and unpredictable, and the stakes are high: success brings eternal adoration, and failure means obscurity forever.

For their quests, Agatha and Tedros are trying to return Camelot to its former splendor as queen and king. For her quest, Dean Sophie seeks to mold Evil in her own image. But soon they all feel themselves growing more isolated and alone.

When their classmates’ quests plunge into chaos, however, someone must lead the charge to save them…


As per usual with Soman Chainani, his newest book made me laugh, cry, throw it across the room and recommend it to all my friends.

If that wasn’t obvious enough, I have a lot of feelings, so try to bear with me.


Firstly, these characters need to get it together. And by “these characters” I mean Agatha and Tedros.

Agatha! Just be confidant with your decisions! It would have saved you so much trouble – and it would have kept me from having so many heart attacks.

And Tedros…ugh. I like him, honestly, but he needs to THINK and ASK FOR HELP. I was so exasperated. He did literally nothing right, and ignored the obvious. You can’t do everything yourself idiot!

I liked the introduction of Nicola, but she was an arrogant brat who thinks she knows everything and everyone else is stupid. And this is one of my most sensitive pet peeve – I cannot stand people like this.

I liked her more as the story went on, but the two of us had a rocky start.


I loved all the new relationships, but they definitely moved a bit fast. I mean, I ship most of them, but I still feel like we could’ve taken a little more time? I mean, it’s going to be a trilogy so…we could have slowed it down.


The plot and story were both solid and moved at the right pace – though there wasn’t as much adventuring as I expected there to be, and Quests for Glory totally seems like a set-up book.

Which I don’t mind! It’s a sequel trilogy – of course you need a set-up book. But now I’m expecting more questing and action in the second and third books. More acting and less reacting, if you know what I mean.

And how did none of these characters see the ending coming? Because I saw it from the start. Everything was so suspicious, how did no one pick up on this?? I know that not ALL of them are morons, so where did their heads go? EVERYONE is blindsided….I am unamused.


This is probably a somewhat irrelevant point, but isn’t the cover gorgeous?? It goes so nicely with the original series, which makes me aesthetically happy!


Quests for Glory was one of my most anticipated books of 2017. It took a long time to finish it, and overall…It was what I wanted.

I always love Soman Chainani’s writing, and I am HYPED for the next book!

I’m also expecting so much more from book 2 in this new trilogy, and I don’t expect Chainani to disappoint.


What did you think of Quests for Glory?


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