Homeschoolers \\ Tackling Tropes


Hello Book Ravens!

I’ve been meaning to talk about tropes more, as it’s one of the topics I get most annoyed passionate about.

Why is today the day to start? Well, I’m in a particularly salty mood and I have no idea why. So why not go on a bit of a rant?

I am a homeschooler, and the homeschoolers in YA… are not great. It’s one of my most hated tropes right now,

So let me explain why – and I’ll even give you some tips for writing homeschooled characters!

Disclaimer: “Tackling Tropes” was a term originally coined by Hannah @ A Clockwork Reader, but she hasn’t made one in a while and I missed those videos, which is why I’m doing that now.


1 – What’s…”internet”?

According to all YA homeschoolers, I know nothing about how the internet works. I don’t know what apps are and I couldn’t Google something to save my life.

…Seriously? Homeschool or not, I have internet access. It’s not specific to public schoolers. 

Besides that, I know of no homeschool kids who don’t use the internet – I know people who don’t use it often, or who don’t know what memes are or whatever… but we’re not ignorant.


2 – I’m Not Repunzel

Just because I’m homeschooled doesn’t mean my parents are over-protective. My mom is not Mother Gothel and I am not Repunzel.

They’re really cool and casual – honestly like most of the parents in YA. They just don’t agree with the school system! 

Are there some over-protective homeschooling parents out there? Sure. But I have yet to find them, and I think that’s true for most people.


3 – Remote Houses

Most YA homeschoolers live in country houses? In the middle of nowhere?

And going back to the points above, homeschoolers are not locked away and ignorant of the world.

I live in a city, and I haven’t lived in a country house since I was, like, seven. Don’t be afraid to put an unpopular way of schooling in the middle of a public school place.


Some tips for writing homeschooled characters:

Weird things excite us – literally. Escalators and elevators are particularly cool. And the mall! I might just be excited because that’s where the bookstore is, but it’s still cool. And the first time I rode on a bus I was so excited!

Homeschool Groups – Not all homeschoolers do this, but I’ve been in a few homeschool groups in my life. What we do is a bunch of classes, for different age groups:


8-11 (or sometimes 8-12)

12+ (or +12-13)


And that’s how the classes would go. And these weren’t normal classes – we had reading groups, studying lyrics, science experiments, acting, self-defense, art, comic books and I even taught a few mythology classes. That’s right – I, from 12-15, taught classes. That’s what’s cool about it; I could learn how to teach my own class!

We Often Read – Almost all homeschoolers I’ve met read a lot. Boys, girls, younger, older – maybe because we have extra time? But it’s a good thing to note.

We Have Time – We’re free most of the day! So we can volunteer, get jobs, surf the web (is that still a saying?) and do stuff like that. So don’t limit your characters to the normal homework + eight hours of school.


So this was a bit of a rant, but I hoped it was somewhat informative!

I’m hoping to talk about more tropes in the future, but they might not all have this format. 

If you’re a homeschooler, I want to hear your thoughts on the homeschool tropes in YA! And if you aren’t, do you come across homeschoolers in YA often?

5 thoughts on “Homeschoolers \\ Tackling Tropes

  1. Great Post!! One of my friends in High School was home schooled until high school and she was super awesome! Not weird or sheltered or anything. Her parents were super religious tho so she wasn’t allowed to watch Harry Potter so that was a little weird.

    Have you read Wonder? He is home schooled in it for a bit, but its mostly about his journey into public schools.

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    1. Thank you! Actually, while a lot of homeschoolers I know aren’t religious, there is a significant amount that are! It really depends on what area you live in though 🤔

      I have read Wonder! It’s an amazing book – and I had completly forgotten he was homeschooled! Looking back on it, that was a pretty good representation of homeschooling, although the reasons were different than usual

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  2. Great post! I was homeschooled until high school, but I don’t regret going to high school because my school is great. I think that being homdschooled allowed me to learn how to manage my time. I find myself with a lot more free time than my friends, even though my school is really tough. I do miss being able to do lots of other things during the day though. Now I am rather limited to what I can do outside of school. Luckily it’s my senior year and I will be back to freedom in college!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And I agree – it does help you manage your time. I also find that I’m more self-motivated, but that might be specific to me 😝

      Good luck getting through your senior year and moving on to college! 😘💕

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