Book Documentaries I Want to be Made \\ Netflix Where Art Thou?


Hello Book Ravens!

Ever since watching CNN’s documentary on the Kennedy’s (which I highly recommend, BTW) I’ve been on a big documentary kick. Netflix obviously has tons, CNN has a few, and I think Hulu might have one or two.

And while I can find shows for food, lifestyle, travel, history, cultural people, nature…I don’t see any of books.

And that got me thinking: Netflix should make documentaries for the bibliophiles of the world. And I have a few ideas.


Famous LibrariesImage result for libraries

I want to hear about the Alexandria library! And the types of libraries the Greeks and Egyptians had!

Or even a show on the coolest libraries in the world – kind of like the one that Netflix recently did on houses. I want to see those personalized mansion libraries and the people who built them!

The Secret Life of [insert beloved author here]

Don’t lie – of course you want a documentary on V.E. Schwab! Who wouldn’t? Along with Tahereh Mafi, Tomi Adeyemi, Marissa Meyer, Marie LuΒ and many others!

But I want to see more than just the writing process – I want to see more of their lives, and backstory and everything about them as people.

Book Publishing

Image result for publishersHow do editors choose manuscripts? How do they decide on covers? How do they advertise, both publicly and sneakily? Are there certain authors they look for? Why? Are there certain people\books that they’ll never publish?

I don’t know a lot of publishing, which I think is true for most people who aren’t authors \ publishers. I’d really like to see how it all works and plays out to affect the audiences.


Alright Netflix! I’ve given you everything you need!* Now when can I expect these to be out?

Really though – if you’ve never watched a documentary, you should try Netflix. They have some short, some long and on almost every subject you could want! They’re easy to put on in the background while multi-tasking, and are a nice break from following a story.

*except the funds to pull this off. Soz


If you could make a documentary on anything, what subject would you choose?

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