Talking About Your Own Books Online \\ Writing Discussion


Hello Book Ravens!

So Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up in April, and I plan to participate. 

NaNoWriMo always gets me excited because everyone talks about it, and I love hearing about others stories! Fantasy, contemporary, magical realism, unknown, etc. I always get so excited about other writers!

But I also feel kind of cut off from it, because I don’t talk about my writing. Not that I don’t want to! I do love talking about it! I’m just a bit paranoid.

So let’s talk about that.


I am incredibly paranoid when it comes to my writing.

I wanted to write this post because I’ve loved hearing about Elizabeth’s (@ Redgal Musings )  book, which she finished within a few months (v impressive), and Savannah’s (@ The Book Prophet) contemporaries, which sound amazing!  

And I really do love discussing my stories in person, or just talking about them in general, but I’ve always been really paranoid when it comes to posting them on a blog or writing website.

On my old blog I had a few short stories up, but I still never put up any chapters from my novels. I guess I was never as worried about my short stories?? 

You might be thinking this is because of criticism or judgment on my writing. In all honesty, that stuff doesn’t bother me. I want to make my books something that I like, and also something that others like, which is why I take a lot of those discussions to heart. 

Really, it’s because I feel like my stories are something new, and I personally haven’t seen them in other books. And that mainly pertains to my characters and my setting. So I’m hesitant to put my “original” (supposedlyideas out for anyone to see…or copy.

Image result for risa rodil hamilton write like you're running out of time
Me @ Elizabeth’s Irish fantasy writing skills \\ Artist: Risa Rodil

I have a lot of faith in the writer\reader community, so I don’t necessarily think that a lot of people would do this, but you can never be too sure.

And I don’t necessarily think that this is something I should change? I mean, I want to share my work, but I was happy with putting my short stories out instead of my novels.

It does become hard when I want to reference my work for a writing post, but I don’t want to put my work out there. And I genuinely want to discuss them with you!

So I’m trying to figure out a way to do that. I want to feel safe in putting my work out, and also be able to actually talk about it.

Maybe snippets as I continue to write? I’m not sure.


What do you think?
Am I being ridiculous? Do you put your work online? Do you even like to hear about others writing and projects?


Have a delightfully thoughtful day, Book Ravens ❥


5 thoughts on “Talking About Your Own Books Online \\ Writing Discussion

  1. It is hard to put your own writing online and I can totally see why you’d be concerned! In my journalism classes we’ve talked about copyright infringement, so I do know the legal recourse I could take if someone did steal my work. (though it’s a ton of work and do I have lawyer money? 😂)
    But I’m not super worried? Maybe because my blog doesn’t get THAT many views, and it would be hard to copy what I’ve written and sell an entire book. 🙂


    1. It’s always nice when you know you can legally back yourself up 😝 And you are right – it would be hard to copy AND sell it. Especially with how fast you write! Is that your secret superpower? 😂


  2. I feel like when I put my work out into the world there is a lot of risk of people taking my ideas, but what I do is make it seem like I’m giving out a lot of information about my book but really I’m barely giving out anything! If that makes any sense… I personally would love to read some of your book if you end up feeling comfortable enough to share it 🙂

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    1. It does make sense! I actually really like the way you give out information about your book, and it really helps me to get to know you, in a weird way. And thanks; I really appreciate that! 😘

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