Pink Cloud Candles \\ the story behind Megan, her candle shop, this community and why you should think before you type


Hello Book Ravens,

If you’ve been on bookstagram in the past few months, you probably know the basics of this situation. If not, let me explain and fill you in.

A bit of a disclaimer first: I was not personally involved, and so I cannot speak from experience, and also this isn’t exactly an uplifting story. In fact, I almost don’t know how to write this.

So let’s talk about that.


Megan was the owner of the shop called Pink Cloud Candles. They had some really cool and fun candles, lots of glitter and a bright Instagram feed, but I personally never bought any.

I was first alerted to “issues” with PCC a few months ago when I started seeing some Instagram stories saying not to support this company, and to basically just forget about them. At the time, I ignored it. I had no bad experiences with the owner, she had been nothing but sweet and nice from what I had seen, and I try not to participate in unnecessary drama.

And then I saw some Instagram stories the other week from her reps (representatives) saying that they haven’t been able to contact her, and none of the candles had been shipped out in a few weeks.

Instantly, I was a bit worried. I remembered what I had seen beforehand, and it made me nervous. Plus I knew her reps, and I really love their accounts, so I had no problems trusting their word.

Some news came out yesterday from her reps that they had been contacted, and Megan, the shop owner, had passed away on March 11th. They did not have much information on it but I got the impression it was somehow tied to the drama with her shop in the past few months.

After that, some stuff came out via her reps and supporters that she had been having a lot of trouble with the people in the book community over the past few months. Threats and insults in her DM’s, and on her website. And she’d been having a hard time with it.


There are two major things that bother me about this situation, the first obviously being that I’m sad that someone so positive and sweet is no longer with us. It’s hard to believe, and my heart goes out to her family and her friends who are going through this.

The second is…this community is so positive. I have never been in a more supportive community in my life. And I’ve thought that to be 100% true for everyone in this community. And the fact that someone was having a completely different experience than mine is disheartening…and unacceptable.


There is a person behind the screen, which people seem to forget. If you post something passive aggressive, do you really think they won’t see it? And beyond that, why would you try to take down a small business that just makes candles for the fun of it?

Nothing could have happened to you to constitute that kind of behavior. Absolutely nothing.

I do want to state that after everything came out, I did stop following and keeping up with those who I mentioned before, who were bashing her shop, not because they’re awful human beings, but I can’t support them in good conscious.

Has this changed my view of the book community? Yes and no. I still think there are many, many people of value in this community. And I still think it’s one of the best online communities to be in.

But I will be more hesitant around negative people, or people who do the same kind of the stuff (bashing shops \ people). And I will be 100% more likely to reach out to those who may be getting this kind of negativity.


I don’t have too much more to add to this story, but I wanted to make sure you knew what was going on, and you didn’t get the wrong impression of Megan.

If you have ordered from her shop in the past few weeks, I would encourage you to please be patient out of respect for Megan’s family. I would also encourage you to not go seeking for answers, again out of respect.


Remeber to reach out to others if you need help. Don’t be afraid to block or separate yourself from those who are causing you trouble. There is always going to be someone there to support you.


Stay safe Book Ravens ❥


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