Camp NaNoWriMo 2018 \\ My goal, playlist and plans for April


Hello Book Ravens!

So Camp NaNoWriMo is coming in April, and I think I might actually participate this year. Generally speaking, I prefer November NaNo, but I have a certain idea I’ve been really into writing lately, so I’m giving it a go!

So here’s my writing goals, my playlist and a rough idea of my story.

Let’s talk about that:



 The cool thing about Camp NaNoWriMo is that you can set your own word count goal. So instead of going for a full 50,000, I’m aiming for 25,000. Still a bit ambitious, but I think that I can get there by the end of April.

I’m hoping to finish my outline, get a good few chapters into it, and write a few scenes I’ve had in my head for a while. Specifically, I’ve got a certain coming out scene for one of my characters and some fun banter I’d like to write down before I forget it.


I don’t actually have a full “playlist” as I tend to listen to one song on repeat, not switch around while writing.

Actually, almost all of my scenes, moods, and storylines come from music. It’s VERY essential to my writing. And the minute I found this song, it fit my story so perfectly! I knew I had to write this one!

Miracle – The Score

The Score is just generally my writing aesthetic. I discovered their music a few months ago, and nearly every one of their songs fit a scene, character or just idea perfectly!

But Miracle especially, for this novel. It’s my general mood, and also represents my MC 100%.


Say Amen – Panic! At The Disco

I first heard Say Amen a few days ago, and I immediately loved it! It doesn’t represent a certain character or novel as much as just my writing style. I don’t listen to P!ATD at all anymore, but this new style for them is so inspiring.

Those are the two I’m obsessing over at the moment, and I’m definitely going to be using them in April!

My Story

I’ve mentioned this before, but my writing plan is a bunch of connecting stand-alone novels. I’ve got three planned at the moment, and if everything goes to plan, this would technically be the third one to be published (just because THERE IS A CERTAIN ORDER. IT’S V IMPORTANT).

I would call my story Magical Realism (?), but it’s really like Real-Life With Secret Magic. That, however, is not a genre. And I would also describe it as Jurassic Park meets Stranger Things meets existential crisis.

Fun Fact: This is my only novel set in the real world. Because A) I prefer fictional worlds and B) I find most of the real world to be incredibly boring (I.E. America, Canada and the majority of Europe…it’s just so boring to me)

I’ve been so excited to write this one lately! I’ve gotten so many ideas about the setting and especially the characters!

This isn’t my permanent title, but for now, I’m calling it VIERA – that’s the name of the MC and it keeps it simple for me.  So maybe I’ll talk about it more now? Hopefully?


Are you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo? Tell me about your novel and your goal!


Have a delightfully thoughtful day, Book Ravens ❥


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