March Wrap-Up \\ reading Moby Dick, cool new blogs and tackling tropes


Hello Book Ravens!

March is now over and to be honest: I didn’t do much.

My big accomplishment was finishing Moby Dick, which I’ll definitely get to. Oh – and sticking to my blogging schedule!* I was really proud of that, though it’s somewhat irrelevant.

Let’s talk about that:

*mostly. I missed one day



Well, I apparently lied. I looked at GoodReads and it turns out I finished 3 books this month, which is better than the suspected 1.

The Upside of Unrequited – Still not a huge fan of contemporary, it’s my least-favorite Becky Albertalli book, but it was a really fun read…if a bit maddening. Spoiler Review \ Spoiler-Free Review

Adultolescence – I decided to try this audiobook since it was read by Gabbie Hanna herself and I actually enjoy her YouTube channel. It was good, not exactly relatable, but I did really like some of the passages. 3.5\5

Moby Dick – I suggested this book for my book club, and I actually really loved it! I loved Ishmael’s philosophical, and sometimes ridiculous thoughts. Queequeg was my favorite, and just generally speaking I really liked this story.



+9 followers (welcome!) and a consistent posting schedule in March! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Surprisingly, it’s helped me come up with better discussions and more post ideas, which is excellent.

Favorite Posts of the Month

Homeschoolers \\ Tackling Tropes

– Talking About Your Own Books Online \\ Writing Discussion

Favorite Bloggers of the Month

Thrice Reads check them out if you like a wide variety of posts!

Perfectly Tolerable check her out if you like really cool reviews and blog layout!

Beaucoupbooks check her out if you like NA fiction and just some really nice, easy-to-read-yet-interesting writing. I always get excited when she posts!

All of these people had lovely posts in March that I thoroughly enjoyed reading! 


Like I said, nothing much in February. I’ve got big plans for April though, so hopefully, by the end of the month, we’ll have a more successful wrap-up!


Have a delightfully thoughtful day, Book Ravens ❥


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