How Being A Gryffindor Affects My Reading \\ also why I don’t seem to like Holly Black books

I am a Gryffindor, in case you didn’t know.

I’ve never really fit in with any of the other houses and every time I take a quiz I always get Gryffindor. So at this point, I’ve just accepted that my soul identifies as a Gryffindor.

Over the years I’ve come to realize that a lot of the books I enjoy – and don’t enjoy – meet a certain qualification that 100% lines up with my Gryffindor qualities.

So let’s talk about how being a Gryffindor affects my reading:


Now, Gryffindors get disregarded a lot, I feel like. We are always referred to as “the brave ones” or “the prideful ones”. And that seems to be it.

(to be fair both of those, in my experience, are true. Still – we have depth)

But we have many other good qualities as well! And these are the ones that usually mess with my reading tastes. For example…

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I don’t mind if a character does a bad thing or a thing that society deems bad, but they have to have good morals.

Maybe they’re really loyal to their friends or they just want to be a protector of the people or they won’t, under any circumstances, kill to get what they want.

Just as long as they have SOMETHING moral going on in their head.

And ^this^ is the exact reason why I hated the characters in The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS HAVE MORALS. I could still appreciate Jude’s cleverness, but still. Morals people.



Image result for loyalty gif

I don’t understand how you could know someone your entire life, or close to your entire life, and then throw them away when something you want passes by. I just don’t!

I’m not saying everything you do needs to revolve around your friends or family, but c’mon. We can do better in the loyalty department.

The Cruel Prince could again be an example of this, but also every YA sibling relationship would also qualify. And most friendships TBH.


Rooting for the Hero

This may not sound that bad, but when I figure out who the hero of the story is, I cannot stand when people disregard them or don’t believe them even though they’re obviously telling the truth. (*cough* Children of Blood and Bone).

I get SO annoyed about this! It’s like, once I connect with the hero, NO ONE CAN DISS THEM. If the MC is in the wrong, that’s one thing, but if they’re honestly trying to do good and the fellow GOOD GUYS are causing them trouble? I get more thanΒ annoyed 😑


Undetermined Characters

Image result for no motivation gif

If you have no motivation, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?? I really dislike characters that drag their feet and are able to defend themselves but choose not to. And this includes characters that CAN fight and have good reason to…but choose forgiveness instead when that is CLEARLY not the right option.

In other words, MCs who are most definitely Hufflepuffs. Look, I like Hufflepuffs in real life but in my stories, I can’t stand following them around.

I’m always yelling at my book: “why are you not getting angry?” or “how could you be so forgiving??“. And my little Gryffindor heart goes unfulfilled.


How does your Hogwarts House affect your reading? Does it at all? Did I miss any points for the Gryffindors?

Comments are below!

Love, Marrill

One thought on “How Being A Gryffindor Affects My Reading \\ also why I don’t seem to like Holly Black books

  1. Such an interesting post! I’m a Gryffindor too, but you know, I never associate my Hogwarts house with other books. After reading your post, I can agree with you: I can’t really stand characters with no motivation, and they had to have morals! I like characters with other qualities too, and I can’t stand too proud characters. So thanks for this post, it opens up a new way to see at my books to me!


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