The Hate U Give \\ trailer reaction & thoughts

The THUG trailer came out a few days ago!

I’m actually lucky: I read THUG the other week (review here) so I didn’t have to wait too long for the trailer to come out. 

But anyway, now it is! So let us react, discuss and assess.



The first thing I noted, right when the trailer started, was how they showed the Garden Heights community! I really loved it in the book, but to actually see it in the trailer was so cool and I hope they expand even more on that in the full movie.


I have no concerns with the acting, especially where Starr is concerned – Amandla is so awesome! And she’s been in a decent amount of book adaptions so far, so I have faith.


A lot of the emotions that I felt when I read THUG I got from the trailer too. Of course, this is just the first trailer but I’m thinking the finished product is going to be another emotional rollercoaster.


I did notice that Chris wasn’t in the trailer (or maybe I missed him), so I’m wondering whether he’ll be in the movie at all or just a smaller part. I also didn’t see Hailey, so maybe they’ll come up in a different trailer.


As far as my expectations…I mean, if the movie is anything like the trailer says it’ll be…it’s gonna be good. I have high expectations! I can’t help it! 


What did you think of the THUG trailer? What do you expect from the movie?

Comments are below!

Love, Marrill

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