Melora: WIP Updates – Characters, Aesthetics and a Pansexual Witch \\ part one


If you’re new, I’ve been working on a novel since… January? More like June if we’re going with when I actually started to write it down.

But anyway, I have a novel! And it’s a diverse fantasy! And I have been consistently writing in it for a little while, so why not take you along with me?

But we can make this fun for the both of us – tell me about one of your projects! And if you’re interested in sticking around, you should update us on your novel every time I post one of these!


Current project title: Melora

Rough summary: a German inspired world with a Latin-based magic system. Witches, apothecaries, guilds, etc.

Word count: 4,444 (I didn’t plan that πŸ˜‚)

Chapters: 5

Since I’m still at the beginning of my novel and nothing interesting has happened, I’m going to introduce you to my main characters and important side characters!



Melora is the co-protagonist. She a pansexual witch trying to follow in her mutti’s (mother in German) footsteps. She’s a Ravenclaw and as much as she likes adventure, she sometimes needs a push.Β 



Kayin is a young royal who wants nothing more than to go on an adventure! They’re a Gryffindor and can sometimes be a bit reckless. TBH they really need to think things out. They’re on a quest to help a friend and has a Rot Deer as a companion.



Astra is working to be an apothecary and is a total Hufflepuff. She doesn’t adventure with Kavita and Melora, but she has a key role 😏 She loves to stay in her lane, but that isn’t great when it comes to finding a partner. Thankfully she has a Gryffindor and a Ravenclaw as her best friends to help her out.



Kavita is from a different world, but found herself in Mostyn (the country that Melora and Astra are from). She isn’t a witch but she works with fire, and can channel magic from her home world. She’s a Gryffindor and is one of the most adventurous characters I’ve ever written. Very opinionated!


How’s your WIP coming along? Tell me a fun fact about your story! My next writing update will be on October 3rd, so my advice is to set a goal and then tell me how you did when I do my next update! 😏


Corvi argenti quinque,


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