WHY I DON’T THINK IMMORTALS\FAE\VAMPIRES CAN BE HEROES \\ basically dissing every YA love interest since Twilight


I’m feeling kinda controversial. Not very controversial, or we’d *ahem* get a different rant post I wrote last week.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot this past week, and I’m actually really excited to discuss it! i am a bit nervous about the feedback

As always I love hearing your perspective too, whether you agree or disagree with what I’m saying. So don’t hesitate to tell me what you’re thinking!

To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society

-Theodore Roosevelt

Morals make us good.

That’s obvious.Β If you have morals, you’re a hero. That’s the basis of every fantasy book ever.

But where do morals come from? We’re told we have to be a good person with valuable morals, but why? question of life to be honest. my life, anyway

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In short, there’s a thing called rocking chair regret.

It refers to when you get to the end of your life, and you’re sitting on your porch with your million cats (or dogs, birds or dragons – whatever works for you) and you think back on your life. Have you done everything you wanted to? Have you been a good person?

And why are you thinking this? Because of the one thing that humans have and fae don’t: the inevitability of death.

Death forces us to be good people if we want to get into the “good” afterlife (Elysium, Heaven, whatever you want to call it). If you look at any of our morals, pretty much all of them stem from a fear of death and what lays beyond.

and don’t get me started on death and the afterlife because I just had this existential crisis and don’t feel like reliving it

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not great Dan. not great

But when you don’t die…then why bother to be a good person?

Let’s give it the benefit of the doubt – maybe the immortals in question do want to be good people. But after a hundred years, or less in my opinion, doesn’t that get boring? Being a good person is no longer a strong motivator because why be good if it doesn’t do anything for you?

So what would motivate someone who is immortal? What would they want? It depends on if there’s a society of immortals or not, but I would guess status (*ahem* that’s a fancy word for greed) would be a main motivator. Do you have the most money? The biggest castle? The most beautiful partner?

Essentially, who’s living the best immortal life?

So what if it means stealing from others or potentially causing havoc – you don’t have to worry about that anymore because it no longer affects you. And who’s going to keep you in line?

I mean, typically in YA when you’re immortal you have extra strength and powers and stuff and usually can’t be killed…

So yeah, when it comes to fae like Rhys or vampires like Edward, I’m not so convinced they should be the good guys of the story. I don’t think it’s possible for then to be as perfect as they appear. Cardan is pretty accurate though (and by accurate I mean he’s an asshole).

Thoughts on this? Have I given you an existential crisis?


2 thoughts on “WHY I DON’T THINK IMMORTALS\FAE\VAMPIRES CAN BE HEROES \\ basically dissing every YA love interest since Twilight

  1. I was about to argue with you as I’m reading The Afterlife of Holly Chase right now, and she’s learning to be a good person even though she’s essentially immortal, but then I realized one of her fears is being ejected from her ghost state and being sent to hell, so that kind of proves your point….

    I’ve never really thought about this topic before, but it’s going to drive me crazy now. As much as I want to believe there are people who would be good no matter what, even if they were immortal, it is a pretty compelling argument to point out that they have absolutely no reason to be decent. It’s really just up to what they think is right or wrong

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    1. I’ve never read The Afterlife if Holly Chase, but it seems interesting!

      And like I said, it could also really depend on what society they’re in. If they are the only immortal in a group of mortals then they’d probably pick up a few morals and good behaviors πŸ˜‚ maybe so they wouldn’t be alone. But if you have a group of them it makes it really interesting to think about!

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