Fire Nation Creations Candle Unboxing

I rarely buy candles. The shipping prices always make me hesitant, and I’d prefer to spend the money on books.

However, I love Alex’s candles, and I got a bit of a discount from entering his rep search, so I took advantage of the opportunity aka im cheap and i love discounts and got a few Last Airbender candles!

Fire Nation Creations

Fire Nation Creations is a fandom candle company based in Florida. They sell candles based on books (Percy Jackson, Eragon, Six of Crows +more), videos games (Kingdom Hearts), DC Villains, and Disney Villains. He also sells candle boxes, the occasional blanket, and wax melts.

Etsy || Instagram

So I actually don’t totally know what I ordered. One of the candles I chose, and for the other candle I chose the Surprise Me! option. But they’re both The Last Airbender candles, because I loooove ATLA and have been in a big rewatch mood.

Here’s the candle that I chose:

Uncle Iroh

Jasmine, Green Tea, Wisdom

This scent is a bit subtle, but it’s a gorgeous green color (I just like green tbh), and it has glitter on the top!

Like I said, I’m cheap. So these are actually some of Alex’s original candles, from when he opened his shop.

He has new, GORGEOUS labels those are more expensive since there’s only one size. Example:

Look at this 😍 click HERE to view the full collection – it’s worth it.

And here’s the surprise candle that Alex picked to send:

Everything Changed When the Fire Nation Attacked

I don’t know the specific scent, but it smells like a bonfire soooo we’ll go with that

It reminds me of when my family burns pine needles in the fall. And it’s definitely a stronger scent, compared to the Iroh candle.

I haven’t burned this one yet, but I love the glitter on top. Tbh I’m hesitant to burn them bc I like these candles too much πŸ˜‚

The box also had this adorable origami turtle in it! It’s so cute, and made from a page from The Mortal Instruments.

I got the 4oz candles, and they shipped pretty quickly. I didn’t get pictures of the packaging, but they were reaaaally secure πŸ˜‚ multiple layers of wrapping were involved.

The 4oz candles are about $8, and shipping is cheap. I also live in the US, so take the shipping price with a grain of salt.

I’m not a Fire Nation Creations rep, but I know that Aya (Bookish. Labyrith) is! So visit her lovely account for a discount!

Have you ever gotten a FireNationCreations candle?


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