Reasons Why You’ll *Love* Annie’s Bookmarks – Shop Feature

Do you love hand drawn bookmarks and stickers from underrepresented fandoms that could help someone in need?


I’m actually very particular about my bookmarks. When it comes to bookish merch, if I don’t love it, I don’t buy it. I’m much more of a minimalist, and I don’t need things I don’t love and won’t use.

This is just to preface the fact that I genuinely love this company πŸ˜‚ so you should too

I love Faramir 😍

First of all, Annie draws the bookmarks herself.

I know that a lot of bookmark companies design their own bookmarks, but Annie actually draws them in her own style.

I like it so much more than someone just printing a picture of a character, and it feels more personal than commissioning someone else to design it. Knowing that the owner of the company puts her all into these bookmarks makes it feel a lot more personal.

Tell me this isn’t amazing 😍

She really pushes underrepresented fandoms.

She also makes bookmarks based on popular series (see the beautiful Zuko bookmark to the right), but she also makes things based off of the unpopular books she genuinely likes, even if there isn’t a huge following behind it.

*Small side rant* I think a lot of companies fall into what’s popular, and end up doing the same thing over and over again. I see it all the time, and you can tell when their hearts aren’t in it anymore. But that’s a conversation for another time *side rant over*

She also does customs and Bunnyflies (bunnies with butterfly wings – be still, my heart).

Kyoshi 😍 and yes, I WILL the use heart-eyed emoji after every picture

Annie also has charity sales pretty often! Operation Christmas Child is what you’ll see the most often, it’s a wonderful cause and Annie always raises so much money for it πŸ’• So if you’re on the fence about ordering, keep an eye out for when she runs one of these charity fundraisers! No better time to order some bookmarks!

Etsy \ Instagram \ Facebook \ Society6

Today (Sept. 30th) is my last day as a We the Dreaming rep, and I’m super sad about it 😩. Annie was amazing to rep for, and the other reps were so sweet.

You can find all the wonderful new reps here! They’re all lovely and have beautiful accounts ☺️

Have you ever bought anything from Annie? What did you think of it?


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