Beta Reading & Critique Partners

I’m not an editor. I wouldn’t even call myself a sensitivity reader. However, I love reading. I’ve been doing it for about ten years, and I think I’ve got my 10,000 hours behind me. According to Malcolm Gladwell, I should know what I’m talking about.

Besides my mediocre credentials, I love beta reading. Giving personal feedback, talking with fellow writers, helping critique something (I’ve been told I’m too honest) – I love it all.

So if you’re looking for someone to read over your novel, I’m your girl.

However, I won’t read everything. I have yet to find a contemporary novel I genuinely like. . Dystopian is not a commonality for me. And thriller is unheard of on my shelf. I always love Fantasy, and the occasional sci-fi can also be nice.

Also, completed manuscripts are best! Especially if they’ve been through one or two revisions. Basically

All that said, if you still want me to beta read your novel, here’s what you need to know:

You can email me at or just dm me on Instagram or Twitter (I don’t use the latter very often though).

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