Fandom Speech Translation

New to Fandoms and can’t figure out what everybody is talking about? What they mean by ‘ships’ when there were no water vessels in the book or movie? What does OTP stand for?

Look no further. Full translation right here! (Organized by first letter). Let me know if you don’t see the translation your looking for, and I’ll be sure to add it.



A person who does YouTube videos all about books and fandom stuff, like unboxing and reviews.

Also: Booktube, booktubing

See Also: FangirlFanboy, Unboxing, Fandom



When someone dresses up as a character from a bookmovieTV showcomic. There are a lot of Disney Cosplays.

Also: Cosplays, Cosplayer

See Also: Video Cosplay



Used by Booktubers and bloggers, a discussion is a spoiler-filled review of a book, talking deeply about events that happen in said book.

See also: Review, Booktuber



Stands for “Did Not Finish”. Used by FangirlsFanboys when talking about one of the books they did not finish.

See Also: TBR



When a FangirlFanboy makes a piece of art work based off a bookmovie, or of a specific character based off a bookmovie.

See Also: Cosplay



A group of people who all like the same book and make fanart, cosplays, video cosplay, fan fiction and other stuff based of said book. That also talk it to death. Over and over.

See also: FangirlFanboy, Cosplay, Video Cosplay, Fan Fiction


Fan Fiction

An unpublished short story or book written about a published book by the fans. (For example: Harry Potter).

See also: Video Cosplay, Cosplay


Fangirl Fanboy

Fans of a certain bookmoviecomic. Fangirls are, well, girls and fan boys are boys. Simple as that.

See also: Booktuber, Fandom



Stands for “One True Pair” – Usually used when talking about your absolute favorite couple (or Couples, as the case may be)                                                                                                                                            

See also: ship, ship name



A spoiler-free review of a book. If there is spoilers, there is usually a disclaimer or something of the like. A lot of Booktubers and bloggers do this.

See also: Discussion, Booktuber



Putting two people together who aren’t dating yet, but you really really want them to. SHIPPING them is wanted them so badly you come up with a ship name and artwork dedicated to them.

Also: Shipping, ships, shipper | See also: Ship Name , OTPs


Ship Name

Making a name for two people who are datingwho you want to date.                                 Examples: Percabeth (Percy + Annabeth) , Kaider (Kai + Cinder) , Fax (Max + Fang)

See Also: Ship



Stands for ‘To Be Read’. An endless list for every reader.

See Also: DNF



This is a process usually done by Booktubers. It is a monthly box you can subscribe to and receive a free book based on the theme of that month, as well as little toysbookmarksmerchandise from other books in the theme. One of these box companies (there are a lot) is OwlCrate. To see more, visit my ‘Monthly Subscription Boxes’ page.

See Also: Booktuber


Video Cosplay

When someone -usually a YouTuber – makes a video and pretends to be a book character and makes a short film from a scene in said book.

See Also: Cosplay, Booktuber

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