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Author & bookish company interviews. I hope you enjoy the conversations I had with these bibliophiles!

JM Sullivan - small.jpg

Interview w/ J.M. Sullivan

J.M. Sullivan is the author of The Wanderland Chronicles, and the creater of #AuthorConfession and #WritersMile on Twitter.

Twitter | Website


Interview w/ Kendra Radke

Kendra is the indie author of Dead Man’s Hand and Nirvana.

In this interview I ask her questions about self-publishing her books, future stories and who she would cast as her main character, among others.

Facebook | Instagram

Rise of the Erifs

Interview w/ Atlanta Bushnell

Atlanta is an indie author who has now published two books in her series: The Fire Song Chronicles.

She is so much fun to talk to! I ask her questions about studying at University, what arena she would build for The Hunger Games and some interesting facts about her second novel.

Instagram | Twitter

Image result for novelly yours logo

Interview w/ Brittany (Novelly Yours)

Novelly Yours is a soy candle company that specializes in book and fandom-themed candles. 

It’s run by Brittany, and I asked her about her candles, some of her favorite books and her blog!

Website | Instagram

Thief of Cahraman (Fairytales of Folkshore #1)

Interview w/ Lucy Tempest

Lucy Tempest is an indie author currently in the process of publishing FAIRYTALES OF FOLKSHORE β€“ a series of interconnecting fairy tale retellings.

We talking about world building, creating characters, Disney princesses, and Hogwarts Houses!


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