Nirvana | Review

Nirvana by [Radke, Kendra]Title: Nirvana

Author: K.E. Radke

Cover Rating: 1\5

Buy: Nirvana

Synopsis: Every attempt is a waste of time. Time. If only my time on Earth would run out, expire, perish. For centuries I’ve been haunted by a past I cannot change. Everyone has a weak spot. Where is mine? Death surrounds me pursuing others and I never feel sorrow for the loss. Just envious. When will I meet the reaper? When will I take my final breaths of life?

But there is another like me—or so they say. If he exists, will he be strong enough to rid me of my envy and finally put me six feet under? But what if I’m stronger? Will death escape my grasp while I take another’s life? Or will he send me to my grave?

★ ★ ★

I don’t feel like the synopsis does it any justice. I think you actually have to read it to get it fully. The main character has “powers” of a sort, that become apparent within the first few pages.


The storyline is quick, but a little confusing in the beginning. There are these weird time and place jumps, where one minute you’ll be in one place, with one person, then you’ll suddenly be moved to a whole different country, meeting a different person.

Just go along for the ride: once you know the, like, two side characters, everything falls into place and it actually works to speed the story up.


Our main character is one of the funniest characters I have read in a long time. His view on everything was just so real and honest. I’m smiling to myself just thinking about it!

My favorite line of his was, by far:

Now my fake wife sounds like my owner

I just busted out laughing! At some level, I fell like this pretty much sums up the book. That said, I feel like he has so many relatable lines in this book.


I liked Summer a lot. While I felt like she was a good side character, and enjoyable, I don’t think I would like her as the main character. And that’s kind of weird to say.

I think that if we got from her POV, her reasoning would make me mad. But I like her on the side.


As far as the other characters go: I liked them. I liked Bracken a bit better, but they were both fun to read and learn about. Very good side characters for the story  – and very diverse too!

All the characters in this book are diverse: colored, white, Asian – okay, writing that looks offensive to me, but I’m just saying that it isn’t a white-washed cast.


I did feel like the writing slowed down a bit towards the end, but it wasn’t for long, and it wasn’t too hard to get over.



Overall Thoughts

Read this book so we can all laugh at Mateo together!


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